Thursday, June 30

The truth revealed!

This post directly relates to my recent Ten on Tuesday post where I gave you 8 truths and 2 lies about me. I’ve hidden the answers in case you haven’t read my original post yet.

Click on the following link to find out the truth:

1. I’ve collected postcards since I was seven years old.
True! Surprisingly enough the only people who questioned this have known me for a very long time. I guess I don’t bring them out very often. I do plan to post about them sometime soon.
2. I’m dyslexic.
True! Typing is much easier for me then writing by hand, especially when there’s a good word processing program attached. The more I write the better I get at it, editing is just a little more of a project. Be glad thatyou don't want to have to try dealing with my handwriting.
3. My European shoe size is a 43.
True! That equates to a US Women's 10 ½. They really are that big.
4. I am an avid environmentalist.
True! Nobody questioned this. I have toned down quite a bit in recent years.
5. I go out of my way to say hello to strangers.
True! As was called out by Carol, I really am an introvert that goes out of my way to give people a big smile and say hello. People are very important to me. As long as I can deal with them in small numbers and I tend to be quite friendly.
6. I was born in South Dakota.
True! However, I left when I was a year old and haven’t been back since.
7. I exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week with rare exception.
False! I was caught on this by most of you. However, this is just a passing phase. I feel much better when I have structured regular workouts. I caved in and joined a gym today because this is something I really must get back on track with.
8.I have a folder for everything.
False! I dream of having a folder for everything. I know I’m much better organized then most people, but this little part of my brain is always on overdrive, so it takes a good deal of effort to keep things from overflowing.
9.The first car I owned was a Volkswagen Bug.
True! I got it shortly after I got my drivers license. However, it needed a lot more work then I realized, so I never got it on the road.
10.I bake a lot of cookies.
True! I love baking of all kinds. I turn into one of those crazed cookie pushers around the holidays. I’ve slowed down since our move to Austin, because I just can’t justify turning on my oven when I’m air-conditioning the house. The air-conditioning season lasts a long time around here.

I want to thank you all for participating. I had a lot of fun reading your guesses.


Carol said...

Okay, I would have gotten this if I hadn't thought it through. My initial gut feelings were better. I was thrown off by the postcards because I kept on thinking "She just told me she doesn't collect anything and doesn't understand collecting" . Yet, in the back of my mind, I thought it rang true! Well, the exercise things is hard to tell with you.... you flit back and forth on that. The one that threw me off most was the car- again I felt it rang true but knew your first car on the road was not a bug. And I would have been VERY surprised if #8 were true! Good job with this list.

Lora said...

Carol: I know our conversation got me thinking. I do collect things, but they're more sentimental collections then things that have resell value.