Tuesday, June 28

Ten on Tuesday: 8 Truths and 2 Lies

Number 10
Number 10,
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by Claudecf.
Yano decided to do something a little different for this week’s Ten on Tuesday. In this list of ten there are 8 truths and 2 lies and she wants you to guess which 2 are not true.
  1. I’ve collected postcards since I was seven years old.
  2. I’m dyslexic.
  3. My European shoe size is a 43.
  4. I am an avid environmentalist.
  5. I go out of my way to say hello to strangers.
  6. I was born in South Dakota
  7. I exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week with rare exception.
  8. I have a folder for everything.
  9. The first car I owned was a Volkswagen Bug.
  10. I bake a lot of cookies.
I promise I’ll separate the truth from the fiction, eventually.
UPDATE: The answers are here.


Catez said...

Hmmm... the exercise one could be fishy. But that's because I don't exercise enough.
And this is true - I finally did my 5 things from childhood post. It's the one titled "I Wanted Green Hair". Sorry I took so long.

Yano said...

I think it's probably #3, because I have no idea what European sizes are, and #6.

Sue said...

Hmm... well I would guess #5 isn't true, it certainly isn't of me or any other Introvert I know, but if it is true then congratulations for breaking out of the mould! I'd also guess the exercise one isn't true. Or maybe the cookies.

terrilynn said...

Five and six aren't true.

gypsy said...

This comment is about your profile: I think we were separated at birth. All the books you listed are on my list. I am reading Middlesex right now and it's amazing, lovely, IWishICouldWriteAnywhereNearThatWell, wonderful.

And your two lies? 2 and 7

gypsy said...

Oh yeah, and the first car I owned WAS a volkswagen Bug. Actually, a SuperBeetle.

Stephanie said...

#7 has got to be a lie - nobody could do that. ;-)

panthergirl said...

I think #5 and #10 are lies... ;)

Thanks for stopping by today! And I'll let you know if I need a Sims intervention. :)

crystal said...

I'm guessing 10 and 7 are lies.

texasblu said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday! :) I poked around your blog looking for clues, but I'm still in the dark... I am guess #2 & #8, just because my dyslexic brother & sister don't like to write (they use tape recorders - it's easier for them) and #8 because no one else picked it. :)

Carol said...

I think #9 is a lie, but I could be wrong... now, for the second lie. Hmmmm... I am a size 38, is your foot that much bigger? Yeah, probably. The only other fishy ones are 1 and 8. It's possible you have collected postcards and you may have gotten organized. Wow! I am stuck :)

And to answer others- yes she is an introvert who goes out of her way to talk to strangers! Pretty freaky, heh?

Lora said...

I'm having way to much fun with this!

J Bo said...

I need to do this one, but I am late, of course!

I think your lies are #5- I mean, aren't you an introvert? :) and #7. You are online far too long to exercise. Oh wait- you didn't say *what kind* of exercise. If you are exercising your mind then 7 is true.

There is no way your feet are that big.

tapestrygirl said...

let's see, how about 1 and 10.