Friday, January 26

Adventures in Babysitting

What a week!!! It seems that I’ve been busy, busy, busy. It’s been full of appointments and babysitting and getting the kinks out of our new schedule.

I who was once a complete night own have for the first time in my life fallen into a really nice daytime schedule that has me naturally falling asleep at 10 o’clock or so. This is of course because I’m trying to support a regular schedule in Liam. One draw back of this is I now feel stressed out if I get to bed too late. Working until 10:30 is drawing me out of that nice schedule. So I was dragging my feet for a couple days which culminated in a migraine. I’m back on track now and finally feel like I’ve caught up with all that needed to be done only to realize that I have one day to relax and then it begins all over again.
However, I have to say that I did get quite a bit accomplished.

We did have a couple noteworthy events happen this week….

First, Liam stayed with a non- family member for a whole hour and a half on Tuesday. Another new mommy, Heather, who I met about 6 months ago did me a huge favor and entertained Liam while I made an “emergency” trip into the optometrist. While I’m relieved to say he did great with it I’m also a little sad. I told him goodbye and when I’d be back, as far as I know he didn’t get upset when I left and while he acted quite happy to see me when I returned after a quick little hug he was eager to go back and play with Ryleigh’s and her toys. I know I should be careful what I wish for, but considering my whole schedule and my whole life is worked around this delightful little guy that such a momentous occasion didn’t register a blip on his radar screen is a makes me wonder how he;s grow up so quickly. It was also a little disorientating because for a long time I simple would not have been able to imagine leaving him with somebody else.


nopinkhere said...

Had to check the date! 2007--I think it's cool you have this memory. Sometimes I feel like I struggle to remember what exactly K was up to when he was a baby.

Lora said...

oh no, this was just an old post I never published. I read it and thought it was in good enough form, obviously I meant to add more at the time. It was neat for me to see where I was then. Whish I hadn't let things putter out so much.

Quang Quốc Võ Nguyễn said...

Nice to meet you.
I hope you come to my blog soon.
Thank you.